January 13, 2012

Goals for 2012

Did you make any resolutions regarding your crafts last year? What about this year? I was just looking at my list of craft resolutions for last year:

  1. Finish at least 1/2 of the projects on my current WIP list.
  2. Take pictures of completed projects.
  3. Start Christmas gifts ASAP, and finish them by the end of August.
  4. Empty &/or downsize sewing basket.
  5. Frame completed cross stitch projects.
  6. Update Etsy shop on a regular basis.
How did I do?
1) I should have finished 7 projects from my WIP list. I finished two.
2)I did well with taking pictures until April. Now I have a pile of things on my desk that I need to blog about, but can't because I haven't taken pictures yet.
3) Yeah...I'm lazy. 'nuff said.
4) Accomplished! I purchased a plastic container, so that when enough projects get done I can put the lid on and stack stuff on top. (Anything for more storage space!)
5) 2 out of 6. Maybe that should be 2 out of 4 - one I have decided to make into a pillow cover, and another will be attached to the top of a box. If I can ever find a box the right size.
6) I did fairly well with renewing items when the listing expired...

Although my resolutions didn't go very well, I did manage to complete a lot of projects, including some that should have been on my WIP list.

Here are my crafting goals for this year:
  • Blog regularly
  • Scrapbook regularly
  • Keep Ravelry and Stitcher's Showcase projects updated
  • Get ideas for Etsy shop out of my head and into the Etsy shop
  • Keep working on finishing things in my WIP list
  • Get better at photography (I got some awesome gifts for Christmas that should help me with that.)
  • Have Christmas cards and gifts finished by November 1
  • Reduce my yarn stash to one basket (that's my stash, before sorting it into two baskets) 
Upcoming posts: Projects that were finished last year, pictures and details about WIP's, some cooking and baking, and a Stitches in Life post.

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