February 7, 2011

Polymer Clay Notebook Cover

Among the gifts I received at Christmas were some polymer clay tools, and the book, pictured to the left. I had borrowed the book from the library, and was able to think of many applications for the techniques, not just the applications pictured in the projects. For example, this notebook cover. It is rather different in the book, but using the technique, I made my own version. This was my first time trying the Skinner blend, and for my first try, it's not too bad.

Change #1: I made a cover for both sides of the notebook, not just the front
Change #2: I didn't have a spiral bound notebook, as in the book, so I sewed the two pieces together, resulting in a sort of folder. I then carefully hot glued a piece of ribbon along the spine to bind it together.
Change #3: The book has you doing some fancy decorative things on the cover; I wanted to use some texture makers that I had also received at Christmas, but my pieces were too thin. The reason they were too thin is that I didn't use enough clay in my blend. The neat thing is that the covers are very flexible, and almost transparent.

Clay used: Fimo Effect in #052, Glitter White, and #209, Glitter Lilac.

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