August 18, 2010

Tatted Bits

Thanks to the tatting birthday club I joined, I've been doing a lot of tatting this year. It is through one of the tatting groups on Facebook. Most of the time, I'm late mailing the pieces, don't have time to photograph the completed tatting, but here are the pictures I have, along with some other tatting that hasn't made it into a blog post yet.

The three pieces above were for birthdays. The heart pattern was a free pattern I picked up at Hobby Lobby. It was published by Lizbeth. I've made the heart a couple of times; it's a quick and easy pattern. The piece on the black background is the seed bead earring  from the Big Book of Tatting. I figured it was pretty enough to be a stand alone medallion, as well as an earring. I've also made it with white thread - you can see it in this post. The medallion in the picture above is called 'Booties'. It was designed by Helen M. Spencer, and is available here. All of the bits above were made with Lizbeth thread.

These are just two random bits that I never put up pictures of. The pattern for the medallion on the left is available from They seem to have moved all their tatting to the crochet category, but here's the link to download it. You may have to join to download the pattern. Most of their patterns were originally published in Old Time Crochet Magazine. This pattern is from Summer 1998, Vol 20, No.2, Page 26.

I made this bookmark for one of the Summer missionaries at my church. The pattern is from the blog Elizabeth's Lace, and is titled 'Motif Twenty-Four'. This was challenging, because I needed to learn the "front side/back side" tatting method. I never really saw the point of tatting that way, until now. The tatting looks much nicer (not that it doesn't look nice the regular way of tatting, it just looks nicer this way) and it has a definite front and back to it. I used the instructions here to figure out the frontside/back side method.

Those are all my pictures, for now. I'll be away this weekend, and I'm hoping to finish a dragon (or two)! Also, my Etsy shop will be closed until this coming Monday.


Beth said...

That's great! I'd like to learn tatting sometime as it's a perfect craft for someone on the go.

agasunset said...

Very pretty, I'm glad you picked up this craft. Be careful, it is very addictive :)))

Sarah said...

Thanks! It is great for on the go - no need to finish a row or stitch, just drop it off your fingers. :)
@ agasunset - yes, I've been tatting for a few years, and have found my weakness - dragons. I'll be working on one this weekend - maybe I'll finally get it done. :)

Anonymous said...

Why dragons? And when are you gonna put some up?

Sarah said...

Anonymous - Because I like dragons. :) I've made one ( and have my shuttles wound for a gold version. I'm also working on a Flying Minor Norwegian Dragon. It is going slowly due to the thread I'm using. Pictures will be up when they're done!

Anonymous said...

What about dragons captivates you?